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What you need to know about Anti-Two-Block Protection

Recently an owner called to inquire if Anti-Two-Block protection was required on a Pile Driving operation.  The answer is No.  The owner told their operator to remove it since it caused computer problems and parted the chain, allowing the Two-Block weight to fall and crash into the wedge socket.  The operator did not want to continue operating without the Anti-Two-Block in place for fear of violating the Federal Code. The code states that there are exceptions to the Anti-Two-Block requirement.

The Exceptions are listed below and can be found in the following Federal OSHA New Crane Rule 1926.1416(d)(3)(ii)(C).

Anti-Two-Block Protection should not be used during the following operations:           

·        Dragline

·        Clamshell (grapple)

·         Magnet

·         Drop-Ball

·         Container Handling

·         Concrete Bucket

·         Marine operations that do not involve hoisting personnel

·         Pile driving work.