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The Big 3


3 Required Crane Inspections

Each Shift


A competent person must begin a visual inspection prior to each shift, completed before or during the shift.  Dismantling or booming down is not required unless visual results indicate further investigation.  Items checked: Controls, Drives, Air & Hydraulic pressure lines, Hooks & Latches, Wire Rope, Electrical Apparatus, Tires, Ground Conditions, Rails, and Safety Devices.  Documentation is not required.  It is suggested to note the inspection in the log book as having been performed.




A competent person must inspect the device as in the shift inspection and it cannot be used until the inspection demonstrates that no corrective action is required.  That inspection and information must be documented and maintained by the employer that conducts the inspection.  It must contain the name and signature of the person who conducted the inspection and the date.


Annual Comprehensive


A qualified person must conduct this inspection at 12 month intervals.  It must include everything in Shift & Monthly.  In addition, disassembly is required, as necessary to complete the inspection.  Attention to Structure, bolts, other fasteners, welds, pins, bearings shafts, gears, rollers and locking devices, draw works.  Full documentation is requires along with the name, date and signature of the inspector.